Yo, what's up, guys? today, I would like to talk about something very interesting and very important that probably many of you would like to know. Okay, so the topic today is how to reduce a specific part of your body fat.

For example, females, many of you wanna lose the fat in your arms, your lower back, or even your belly. Same for the guys. Belly is the main issue. First and foremost, I need to make things clear.

There is no specific exercise, nutrition program, or food that you eat that can help you lose that particular area. Well, how it works is basically fat loss doesn't work in one area.

How to Burn Belly Fats | Easy & Effective Tips In 2020
How to Burn Belly Fats

For example, let's say you wanna lose your belly, your tummy. You do a thousand crunches, leg raises, and all kinds of exercise to target the area. It won't work. It's because this is what we call spot reduction. It's already proven a myth by many studies many researchers have done around the world.

Sorry to say that there is no spot reduction technique. I will show you. If I do, I am probably gonna tell lies, right? So the answer is no, there is no specific exercise or specific food you eat you can specifically lose the arms fats, the belly fats, the lower back, your glutes, your hips.

Well, how it works is fat loss works overall. It doesn't work just losing specific areas of fats. When you're on a training program, you basically burn extra calories, and if you take care of your nutrition, it deficits your calorie intake. This is how you lose fat over time, all right? It's not overnight.

It's over the weeks, months, and so on. So definitely the part that is very stubborn to lose is your tummy, all right, for guys. It's because our hormones, right, testosterone or estrogen imbalance, or even our chest. These are the few places where your body can store fat first.

Your face, your arms is the part where we call it, it's not the stubborn fat. And also due to water retention, you can easily lose the layer of fats around your neck, your face, your arms, shoulder, first. So, the belly normally comes in last. So this requires a lot of time, a lot of patience, and the problem is, many people don't see the results in the first few weeks or the first few months.

And this is why it gets very demotivating. They thought what they were doing doesn't work. So they stop. But here's the truth. Even though you do simple exercises, watch your nutrition, you will still get results for sure. It's the slow results. Definitely, you're gonna see visible shoulders if you diet well, train very hard, visible chest, and last of all, your belly, your tummy area, will go down cm by cm, right, not inch by inches.

It's going to take very, very slow. And most of us do not notice this because we look at ourselves every day in the mirror. So we can't tell the difference between whether or not we lose weight or we gain muscles. So what I recommend is instead of looking in the mirror or weighing yourself on your weighing scale, is because the weighing scale doesn't tell you how much muscle that you build, how much fats did you lose.

It just tells you the general weight. It could be water retention, muscle gain, or fat loss; therefore, are weight is always stagnant. So if you always listen to the number of weight, you're definitely gonna think that you cannot do any progress. Here's what I like to do, is I always like to pay attention to my clothes, my pants, right, mainly those not-stretchable ones. See whether if they are getting looser or getting tighter. If you're getting looser, definitely, you're on the right path, especially your waist area. If your shirt, you're getting tight on the arms area, definitely you're gaining some size.

I would say muscle mass, good news. So these are a few things you could pay attention, all right, instead of just looking at the weighing scales. All right. So, here are a few tipsI'd like to give you on how to burn fats effectively. First of all, you need to train. Training can be cardiovascular, weight training, or anything you like to do like dance class, Zumba, body combat. But mainly I prefer todo weights training because weight training improves our metabolism. It helps us to build muscles, lean muscles, and lean muscles help us to burn calories without even exercises while resting.

All right, so females, don't be afraid. That's definitely a fear for you, most of you because you might hear that if you lift weights, you end up very bulky. This is not true, because of testosterone production. Guys have higher testosterone production, so guys can build muscles much easier than girls. So, don't worry. Just lift weights. It's a very good way to strengthen your functionality as well. So, therefore, you won't get injured as your age goes up. Secondly is cardio training. The word of cardio is basically our heart.

So our cardio training means anything where you do non-stop. It takes around 15 to 20 minutes to make the cardio session effective. Even though if you have no time, you have only five minutes to 10 minutes to do cardio, it's fine, just bring up the intensity level. That's how you burn massive calories. So, the frequency of weight training and cardio training, I would say at least you need to schedule weight training three to five times a week, and cardio three to five times a week. So, in total, it's about10 sessions a week. So I like to break it down into two, all right?

If you separate, definitely, you're going to take a lot of your time. I would do weight training first. When I finish my weight training, I'll probably go do a treadmill, or if I don't have the mood to run, to walk, I would just go on the elliptical machine to do another 20 minutes of cardio. So, in one session, I have one hour of weight training and 20 minutes or 30 minutes or more of cardio training. So it ends up like one and a half hours. So this is the training part, and training is very important. But how important? I would say it's only like 20% out of 100%.

Another 80% is what you put into your body, all right? Calories. So I wouldn't want to teach you how to count calories now, because it's gonna take very, a very long time for me to explain all that stuff. I would say keep it simple, all right? Try to eat the food where you can stay consistent. I'm not a big fan of staying super clean, I watch this, I watch that, cut this, cut that. It works, it definitely works, because you are consuming little calories, but here's the problem. If you cut things too much, it's very hard for you to sustain. Fitness is about the long-term. It's like running a marathon. It's not spring. So one, if you go on a hardcore diet, after one month, two months, you'll get very tired of this lifestyle, and you'll stop.

Eventually, you still wouldn't achieve your goal. Okay, I like to make a 50-50 diet, which is 50% clean and 50% not so clean. The definition is clean is basically not bleaching your chicken breast or wash your chicken breast. The definition of clean is basically just eat whole foods. Avoid oily, sugary stuff because they are high in calories and sugar makes you crave for more. So I would like to spend like my first two meals or three meals eating pretty clean.

I mean, eat pretty healthy, like chicken, spaghetti, plain oatmeal, and another two meals after that, I would easily slightly a little bit not so healthy but it's more to the taste, to keep me satisfied. So this is how I get the motivation without feeling too stressed to make my diet long-term.

All right, so the first of the three meals can be very clean. It can be a protein shake, oatmeal, chicken breast, brown rice, pasta plain, and last two, maybe I go for a little bit of still fried. Fried chicken is fine as long as you don't overdo it, like one piece or two pieces. It depends on the individual.

If that's your thing, you are the one who easily gains weight, then I suggest you to cut down on portion. But for me, one-piece, two pieces of fried chicken is fine. And in return, you need to bring up your fiber level. Fiber is in vegetables. Get something we just can bring up the fiber intake, like psyllium husks, because fibers help your body to burn more calories because when you digest, your body burns calories as well. So, keep the fibers high.

Keep the diet consistent. You can go for three to four meals, three to five miles, up to you. I personally eat only three meals a day, but three, we say not too big, just moderate, for me, to keep me going.

So, this is how it works for me. I don't know about you. It's all about trial and error, and the word consistent, remember. So if you combine training and nutrition together, I can guarantee you can see results for sure, but what result is that? Will you get lean, six-packs like me? I can't give you any promise. It's all about when you hit a plateau, it's time to adjust your training and adjust your nutrition. For me, I really know my body very well.

I've been training for many, many years, and I watch my food intake for like Monday through Friday or the entire week. I hope I answered your questions.

There is no magic exercise that can help you to specifically reduce the double-chin, the stomach. It's all about overall fat loss. So train hard. I'll see you again soon. Peace.

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