Yo, what's up? Today, I want to show you a few exercises you can do that train your chest, at home.

So first of all, let's talk about the middle chest, first. The middle chest is probably one of the easiest parts to train. The exercise is very direct. Push up itself hits the middle chest. In order to maximize your chest, give the least pressure for the triceps, is try to go a little bit wider.

Wide means your grip should be slightly wider than your shoulder width. In position. Lower down your body. And push. Okay, very straight forward. This exercise hit the majority of the middle chest and a little bit of upper chest.

How To Build A Perfect Chest At Home
How To Build A Perfect Chest At Home

So the next exercise that can hit your middle chest too, is not push up. This is an isolation work out. So I'll be using a water bottle.

Right. This is a very big gallon, so for those of you can start with 1.5-liter bottled water. This is Chest Flys.

So get into a floor. And the reason why I want to use one bottle is because I can nicely set up and be more focused on the movement.

This is how it look like Make sure it's balanced, you don't want the bottle to fall on you. Alright. Make sure you are stable. Squeeze (your chest) Alright. Here, as you can see my chest is shortening.

They are contracting and they are working. Okay, so. I would strongly recommend you to do both exercises back to back, alright. Start with a push-up first. Do about 10 to 20 repetitions depending on your fitness level.

Right after you finish a push up move on straight to a Chest Flys. Now, here's the tricky one the upper chest. The upper chest is the clavicular head that is very stubborn to grow. Most bodybuilders, most fitness enthusiasts, also struggle to build these muscles. So this is the easiest way to get started.

Just place the chair. Here, setting up. You lower yourself down. And up. As you can see the moment I push this, in this angle, I am actually pushing at this angle. Right. This works the upper chest area. Right.

Now. Another way of training your upper chest is you can use the same bench by just by changing the grip a little bit. You can also target the clavicular head. Setting up. This is what I call the Reverse Grip Push Up.

Lower yourself down. By doing this my upper chest is actually firing. Okay. This also trains the inner part. Right, so for this grip, well I don't recommend you to go wide grip aim. Because it's going to give a lot of stress for your shoulder. Right. The shoulder width is great. And one more thing whenever you do any exercises involving a chair, make sure that your chair is solid, right. You don't want them to move backward when you do a push-up, right.

This will get you into serious trouble. Find a wall to lean against or in but here in this situation is fine because carpet there's friction, so it doesn't go away. I still have one more exercise that can really train your upper chest. And also the inner chest as well.

This is an isolation exercise. This is what I call the front raise but, in the underhand version. So when doing this exercise make sure you're from here. In this position. And raise inward. Adduction, alright? Ad-duct.

This is how your upper chest and your inner chest are working. Right. As you can see my upper chest is being stretched and being contract by doing this. So how to sequence this? I would say do a decline push up, or, a reverse grip push up on a bench.

Choose either one, do for 15 to 20 repetitions. And then straight away moving on do an isolation work. Do this for another 10 reps. The same goes for the middle chest area. Okay? That's pretty much all these exercises.

It's all about the combination, the variety, and the consistency of training at home. Obviously, it would be great if you can training at the gym because there is more equipment, but today its basically just to share with you what you can actually do at home to get a nice chest.

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